About Brickthology

Where to even begin…

As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), I’ve continued my love of LEGO into adulthood and have never really given up my love of these plastic bricks. I also happen to love mythology and reading about it. Recently I’ve found myself coming up with ideas for some characters to render into brick or minifigure form. A little bit further brainstorming, I decided to try my hand at a blog with it.

After plotting and creating the first entry, I know I plan and expect one or two posts a month of writing up an entry to go with any accompanying picture/photo.

Regarding Myths & Folklore

The surviving myths are often a window back to earlier cultures and civilizations with what they believed and how they saw the world around them. These myths and stories sometimes get altered and changed with the passage of time, reflecting on those doing the retellings or recording them down for later generations.

Some of these myths are very much so the products of their time and will sometimes have an unpleasant truth or one that is seen as outdated by today’s ideas and outlook on the world.

I would like to believe I’m presenting these myths the way I’ve found them without too much sugar coating and hopefully not too much altering.

As such, I do reserve the right to update my posts as I get a better understanding of particular eras of history, cultures, and their various beliefs, folklore and mythologies.

That said, if there is a particular figure of folklore and mythology that you would like to see covered, go ahead and drop a request or suggestion. If said figure has been done, I’ll point you to the post and link, otherwise, I’ll add it in next to my ever-expanding list of what I’m looking to write about next.

  1. You should get more information about what you write about

    • For a bibliography, I’ve been working on keeping one and knew I should get that posted so people would know where I pulled information from and not just out of thin air.

  2. Hi Silverfox! my name is Iacchus
    and I have been doing some research on Sagitarius and came across your article. I would like to reference your sources for the article particularly where you got the information regarding Pabilsag. and Crotus

    my e-mail is ingkj@mwt.net

    thank You!

    Never Thirst


  3. Very interesting website. I would much like to subscribe or something similar. Do you intend to add this feature?

  4. This is amazing. Truly. Thanks for keeping it going for all this time. ❤

  5. Might I suggest a post about the black-eyed children?

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