About Brickthology

Where to even begin…

As an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), I’ve continued my love of LEGO into adulthood and have never really given up my love of these plastic bricks. I also happen to love mythology and reading about it. Recently I’ve found myself coming up with ideas for some characters to render into brick or minifigure form. A little bit further brain storming, I decided to try my hand at a blog with it.

After plotting and creating the first entry, I know I plan and expect one or two posts a month of writing up an entry to go with any accompanying picture/photo.

  1. You should get more information about what you write about

  2. Hi Silverfox! my name is Iacchus
    and I have been doing some research on Sagitarius and came across your article. I would like to reference your sources for the article particularly where you got the information regarding Pabilsag. and Crotus

    my e-mail is ingkj@mwt.net

    thank You!

    Never Thirst


  3. Very interesting website. I would much like to subscribe or something similar. Do you intend to add this feature?

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